GROUNDSWELL RISING gives voice to ordinary folks engaged in a David and Goliath struggle against Big Oil and Gas.  We meet parents, scientists, doctors, farmers and individuals across the political spectrum decrying the energy extraction process known as fracking that puts profits over people.  This provocative documentary tracks a grassroots movement exposing dangers to clean air, water, and civil rights.

GROUNDSWELL RISING shows how fracking has contaminated drinking water and jeopardized health and quality of life.  Homeowners near wells suffer from respiratory ailments and property devaluation.  Reina Ripple, of Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project, chronicles mounting ailments related to fracking.  A former industry employee shows skin lesions and edema obtained while working with fracking waste.  
Grassroots efforts have achieved bans, moratoriums, and referendums on fracking.  Stanford University Professor Mark Jacobson paves the way forward globally with his Solutions Project for 100% renewable energy.  Transcending the genre of environmental film, GROUNDSWELL's passionate stories inspire and empower.

Featuring: Dr. Sandra Steingraber, Dr. Tony Ingraffea, Dr. Mark Jacobson, Shane Davis, Deborah Goldberg, Bob Edgar, James Browning, Mark Ruffalo, Vera Scroggins, Craig Stevens, Dr. Walter Tsou, Dr. Poune Saberi, Raina Rippel, and more.

Two versions on same DVD: 70 minutes (original)  and 52 minutes
SDH Captioning for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing

Directed and Produced by Renard Cohen and Matt Cohen
Executive Producers: Matt Cohen, Mark Lichty
Editor: Ryan Kollmorgen
Associate Producer: David Walczak
Contributing Producers: Leigha Cohen, Joe Kramer
Camera: Renard Cohen, Dave Walczak, Mark Lichty, Matt Cohen
A Resolution Pictures Production

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