Groundswell Rising: Q&A with anti-fracking documentary director Renard Cohen

Whole Terrain Journal, December 29, 2014, By Cherice Bock

"With the recent news out of New York State regarding a statewide ban on natural gas fracking, I am excited to share an interview with the director and producer of the documentary film Groundswell Rising: Protecting Our Children’s Air & Water, Renard Cohen. This documentary explains the process and dangers of 'fracking' (hydraulic fracturing) for natural gas reserves caught in layers of shale, and follows activists from Colorado, Pennsylvania, and New York. These individuals educate themselves about the health problems associated with fracking and their legal rights regarding how far away from their homes natural gas companies are allowed to drill. They craft and fight for legislation to limit fracking in their area and to require the natural gas companies to pay for restoration of health and safety in their communities.

Filmed on location in several states, Groundswell Rising shows everyday people who have become activists because they see the harm the natural gas industry is doing in their lives and communities. The film shows the devastating illnesses experienced by children and adults alike, as well as natural gas workers themselves. It shows the unjust treatment of communities denied clean water, which had been promised in their leases, and the injustice of the legislative system that permits such environmental degradation and damage to community health. ...

With cameos by Natalie Merchant, Mark Ruffalo, Bill McKibben, and Pete Seeger, the film mainly follows the activism of normal, everyday Americans who just want a safe and healthy place for their children to live. The film also spotlights Sandra Steingraber, a biologist, author, cancer survivor, and activist, who was instrumental in organizing the anti-fracking movement in New York State."

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Protecting Our Children's Air and Water