'Groundswell Rising': Film Review

The Hollywood Reporter, May 19, 2015, By F

Renard Cohen's documentary chronicles the rise of grassroots opposition to the controversial form of energy extraction known as fracking

"... Concentrating particularly on the growing of opposition by ordinary citizens who find themselves besieged by well pads located near their homes and schools, Groundswell Rising makes its case with passion and clarity. ...

Featuring damning commentary from an array of science and environmental experts and frequently anguished accounts by ordinary citizens whose drinking water and general health has been negatively impacted by the expansion of fracking into their communities, Groundswell Rising delivers its arguments with a canny mixture of facts and emotion. ...

...you're likely to be moved by the film's portraits of grassroots activists managing to make their voices heard despite the opposition of major corporations and the big money at their disposal."


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